The arrival of autumn is beautiful.

It is like taking a break...sleeping it off!

Everything seems different and calm.

Autumn has this beautiful scene of falling leaves, the smell of trees with the breezing cold.

I recall scent of musgo/cypress/lemon/grapefruit


Spring is approaching

The arrival of spring has always been an exciting event.

The flowers and smell is so light and at the same time so strong because with the breeze, all the mixture of these lovely flowers is transported everywhere.

First flower that gets into my mind is Jasmine!

Just placing some flowers ona bowl of water will fill the room with their lovely scent!


Smell from the oriente

The world is so perfect in nature!

The plants and flowers make the country so beautiful and the wind embraces all of them and transportes to our nostils.

Frangipani is one of my favourite flowers. The flower is so beautiful and gentle.

Orient blend:
frangipani/tea tree/bitter orange/kaffir lime


Scent of Summer

Summer is beautiful and hot!


Hot Summer

Finally, the hot weather has arrived. Everywhere, you see people having cold drinks and walking around and enjoying the beautiful, long waited summer days.
This summer, I have this desire for mint smell. Therefore, I take some dried mint leaves and infuse with jojoba oil. Leaving the bottle in the hot sun helps to heat the bottle and the fragrance will be minty and nice.
After one month:
Remove the leaves from the bottle and add some lemon essential oil and a drop of cinnamon esstential oil.
There you have a nice summer fresh scent!



Flowers can make us happy. It has that feeling of soft, gentle and lovely gesture. I see my pink big roses blossom and I take them and put them in a vase in my house. It is amazing how it can brighten the room and transport a lovely scent in the environment.
Today is all about roses.
Rose treats:
Take some petals and put them in a small basin filled with water. Put it besides your bed when you go to sleep!
Nothing is better than waking up to the smell of roses!



Spring is finally here!
The smell of Jasmine feels the air.
The birds start to sing and everyone seems to be in such a good mood!


Snowing and raining

The beautiful snow covers everything and makes everything look so white and pure.
When the snow falls, you just feel like, looking through the window and holding a hot cocoa drink in your hand to keep yourself warm and have some peace of mind.
Then the raining days makes the day darker and you just hope it goes away soon and again you await for the snow to come again but it doesnt return.
So you long for the sun...where is it! It is asleep! But it will come....

Blend: linchen/cinnamon/blood orange/cocoa



It may seem too freezing and make you feel lazy. Just want to sit by the fire with a warm blanket and your hot cocoa drink.
Actually, you can make a lot with this feeling. Get up and smell the nature.
This time, I will get some lichen from oak trees. They are more humid and the smell is very earthy.
The infusion of lichen in coconut oil was not so successful last time. Therefore, I will infuse in jojoba oil since I already have some infusion in alcohol.
My winter blend:
lichen infusion/bergamot/vanilla/rose


Smell of christmas

One month to Christmas day!

You already feel the environment preparing for the christmas fun, party, etc.

There are already lighting and decoration to remind you that it is approaching.

I just remembered that I distilled my christmas tree last year with my alembic.

So, I closed my eyes and opened the tiny bottle and gave a deep sniff...yeah..christmas feeling hmmmm...lovely, warm and very spiritual!

Christmas blend: pine/bergamot/cinnamon/bitter orange


Winter fragrance

Each of us posses a human base note..that is what I consider. That is why perfume smells different on each person.
So having a strong base note would need some light but soft middle note.
Then add some citrus top note to bring out the mystery of the balance of the three notes.
Some accessory notes could do some tricks!

Civet tincture/rose/jasmine/bitter orange/tangerine

Voila! hmmmm


Quotes of a famous Perfumer

"Anyone can make a nice smell", he says of modern perfumers. "The trick is to create a fragrance that has soul. It isn't a matter of mixing up potions like some kind of alchemist. Most of my time is taken up with reflection and writing - trying to imagine the perfume. Often I go months without smelling a formula."

Edmond Roudnitska
National Geographic, September 1995


Falling leaves of Autumn

The beginning of cold breeze...with chilly windy morning, followed by hot afternoon is like saying goodbye to summer and getting ready to autumn.
The leaves are already changing colors..like the liquidamber leaves change from beautiful greenish color to red. While some other plants start to fall asleep. The beauty of nature is so strong that there is no way you could not feel it. You cant help to notice the leaves falling, the flowers are not there anymore and the air is so dry that the leaves start to dry up.
The perfume blend that I start to think of have fir (distilled from my last year christmas tree), blood orange, bergamot and some lichen tincture!
Enjoy the last days of summer and warm up for the beautiful autumn days!


Summer ending

Today, there is a breeze of chilly wind...
Seems like the hot weather is almost vanishing....had its time and now retiring to let chilly morning and night to come.
Today, I imagine the scent of pine trees, grass and earth with colors of greens, blue and grey!
Every season has its beauty and meaning...enjoy till it last!


Mood and Fragrant

Everyday is a new day...
Fragrant is like colour for me.
When I feel happy, I wear colourful clothes like yellow, orange, green, etc.....
On those days when I want to have a clear mind so that I can focus; White!
When I have moody days, of course the colours are grey, brown, blue, etc...
What about fragrant?
Does season also matter?
For me, today, being a hot summer day...I think of bright colour like yellow!
Fragrant with bergamot which is fresh, happy feeling, alert!
So whatever comes tomorrow, will be something new and yes, another fragrant with different blends....



Summer fragrant

The end of spring comes summer when a variety of flowers are everywhere, matured and fragrantly beautiful. Roses blossom, linden blossom spreads their scent everywhere in the wind and the atmosphere of the sun shinning strongly on every natural creation, may they be resins, pollen, leaves, flowers is amazing!
Summer is alert and everyone is happy as if the fragrant of nature puts a smile on every living thing. Soon we will be approaching autumn!
Each season has its uniqueness and beauty.


The Olfactory Notebook

The exploration of olfactory from a notebook...what an experience for those who have no ideas what's in a perfume construction process!

Sniff each bottle and enter the world of scents

(Les Coulisses du parfum)


Perfume Opera

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What is your personal fragrance?
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